Thursday, April 19, 2012

New soap coming soon

So, I have been playing with the idea of making a banana, buttermilk and honey soap for sometime, but I was unsure of how to go about making it. Bananas are anti-oxidants, which reduces lines and wrinkles, as well as reducing dark spots. Buttermilk has tons of skin benefits- it contains casiens and a mutitude of vitamins, as well as alpha-hydroxy acid, which helps to cleanse your skin and gently exfoliate, leaving your skin feeling fresh and hydrated. Lactic acid is found in many expensive beauty products and is one of the best facial peels doctors choose for softening, brightening and exfoliating skin; it treats age spots, freckles and even tightens skin.  Honey is a humectant, which pulls moisture from the air and holds it in, as well as an anti-microbial.
This combination in a soap would be fabulous! However, any sugars during the soap making process will react with the lye and superheat, and the last thing that I needed was a soap volcano in my house! After asking some fellow soapers and getting some good advice, I was ready to get started. I inadvertently burned the first two batches ( burned milk and bananas are VERY stinky by the way), but the third batch went great! Pictures to come soon!

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