Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Power of Vitamin E

Last summer, my family and I visited family in Dallas. During that trip, my great aunt told us a story that was truly surprising. Her granddaughter was working on her science degree at a Texas university. In lab, she spilled acid on her arm, and the teaching assistant told her to rinse her arm in water. She failed to tell her that she actually needed to flush her arm for a full thirty minutes. The acid burned her skin badly. After a visit to a doctor, she and her parents were told that she would require plastic surgery. They went for a second opinion and they were again told that only through plastic surgery would her arm mend. Her father consulted a doctor-friend, who suggested applying vitamin E to the area twice a day to see if it would heal enough to avoid surgery. She followed this regimen for several weeks, and after going back to the doctor, learned that her arm had healed enough that she no longer needed surgery. 
Vitamin E has a multiplicity of uses. On skin, it can be used to combat the signs of aging, as well as to protect against the skin effects of chemotherapy. Internally, it is used to treat everything from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to Diabetes to improving muscle endurance (webMD). 

Oftentimes we jump to using whatever the latest and greatest treatment may be instead of learning to rely on the healing qualities of natural products. I myself have been guilty of such. My viewpoints on natural products have evolved greatly since I first started making bath and beauty products. A little at a time, I have introduced natural products into my skin care routine, and I believe that it has made a significant difference. Little changes in your routine can make you feel renewed!

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