Sunday, October 28, 2012

Soap on a Stick

I love the way this fragrance oil smells. It took me a while to decide how I wanted to design the soap, and when I finally decided on what I was going to do, lo and behold, the soap overheated and I got soap on a stick.
When I realized that my batch was about to seize, I sprung into action. Since the batter was hardening by the second, I understood that there was no way I was going to stir the colorant into the soap batter. Instead, I literally dug my glove into the soap and attempted to mix the colorant into the soap by squishing it between my fingers. Ugh. I did read somewhere that you can wait until the soap gels (the chemical reaction that causes the soap to become hot and helps to make the colors brighter) and then it will mold easily, but I have not read enough about it to feel comfortable trying it. Besides the fact that, since this was a goat milk soap, the milk will scorch if it overheats. I slapped each layer into the mold as quickly as possible, banged it on the floor as hard as I could in the hopes of making sure all of the layers were actually touching each other, and carefully placed it in the freezer (it was already getting pretty hot). My hope was that the soap was at least salvageable.

I inadvertently caused this mishap by trying a new technique with the goat milk. Instead of freezing the milk, I decided to use water to dissolve the lye, and then add the goat milk when I was mixing the soap batter. Basically, I was attempting this out of laziness. It didn't work out too well. 

Even though it did not turn out as planned, I was pleasantly surprised when I cut this soap log. The corners are not quite square since the soap batter was so hard and thick that it was difficult to get into the corners of the mold. But that is definitely not as big of a deal as it could have been.

The color is not quite accurate in this picture. Everything is actually different shades of purple. These photos are not the best, so I will take more when I have some natural light. The soaps are much prettier in person.


  1. These turned out so nice April, I would have never known it gave you problems! The flowers and curls on top are so pretty. Great save!

  2. Love reading this! Sounds like a typical soap day at my house, its so fun to know I'm not the only one, and what a great save you did too! Looks great!!