Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Epic Fail...Essential Oil Experiments

I consider myself a fairly new soapmaker. I have been working on developing and perfecting my soap bar for two years. This is in contrast to many other soapmakers out there who have been doing this for decades. There are always new things to learn, and experimentation is the best way to do so from my personal experience. I have dabbled with essential oils in soap, but honestly, they scare me quite a bit. I know from other soapers that citrus essential oils often do not "stick" in the final product, as the chemical reaction from the oils and lye reacting is often too harsh of an environment. I ordered some vanilla oleoresin (not an essential oil, as vanilla essential oils do not exist from what I understand), and decided to blend it with a folded, or concentrated orange. I have no idea what I did wrong, but I have only had one other soap that failed as miserably as this one.

I know that it may be difficult to see, but the white portion of the soap had tunnels in it, and the white portion of the soap was oozing oils. The scent was okay, not fabulous. At first I could not smell the vanilla at all, but when I finally decided to toss it today, I could smell a hint of vanilla in the soap. I'm not sure that I will soap with the vanilla again anytime soon. That's something that I may tackle after some time away from the project. 

Nonetheless, I decided to work with essential oils again today- lime and peppermint. I have used peppermint often in the past- it sticks great in soap, but I have never used lime before. The lime is top quality, and is sourced from the East Indies. I anchored it with orange essential oil and rhassoul clay, so here's to hoping!


  1. I wouldn´t have tossed the soap away. I would have re-batched it. I´m not that good with EO´s because I have not mixed them and I mostly use FO.

    1. I'm not a fan of rebatch. I did it once and it sat on the shelf taking up space, so I don't want to put all that effort into something I will never use I guess.

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  3. Ohhh, that's so pretty April!